What is Metria Blockchain?

The best innovations are those that solves the most basic problems.

Developed from the ground up, Metria is the answer to many issues that have choked the development of decentralized finance and dApps ecosystems.

About Metria

Metria is the latest in the blockchain ecosystem that helps you build and
deploy applications with speed.

The Metria blockchain is a unifying, chain-agnostic ecosystem that can be readily adopted by both existing and upcoming DeFi projects, irrespective of the ecosystem they were originally built on.

A polysharding-based, EVM-compatible, Proof-of-Stake blockchain protocol, Metria addresses the infamous Blockchain Trilemma to provide a low-cost, scalable, completely decentralized platform. Armed with cross-chain capabilities and Solidity smart contract compatibility, Metria opens the doors to unlimited liquidity to a new generation of Defi and NFT projects.

why Metria Blockchain?
Welcome to Metria Blockchain
You Will Love It

The need for a scalable Blockchain has been felt across the industry since Bitcoin gained prominence. Over time, the uses of blockchain technology have continued to grow, with DeFi, NFTs and now Metaverses changing the perception of cryptocurrencies among the masses and bringing a sea of change that has the ability to transform the future of money and the way we interact with it.

The rapidly changing landscape demands a better architecture which is highly scalable, composable and economical, without compromising on crucial factors such as accessibility and decentralization.

As a standalone Blockchain, Metria uses polysharding-based PoS consensus mechanism to address the blockchain trilemma. It is a low-energy, extensible, and bestows a high throughput protocol with end-to-end decentralization. By design, the system enables lowest fee transactions while facilitating two-way multichain interaction.

Metria is an EVM-compatible multi-chain engagement platform that efficiently addresses the problems of fragmentation and composability, currently prevalent in Blockchain ecosystems and layer 2 solutions.

Metria Bridge
Smart contract based two-way bridges on Metria Ecosystem power the multichain capabilities of Metria’s Network. Users can seamlessly transfer tokens between Metria Network and leading blockchain networks using the Metria Bridge.

Metria Bridge enables DeFi applications to optimize liquidity across protocols, resulting in increased efficiency, reduced slippage, limitless arbitrage opportunities and more. The capabilities of Metria DEX and NFT marketplace interactions with different liquidity pools, price discovery, offer of yield generating products, are all made possible by the Metria Bridge.
Metria Validators
Become a node operator on the Metria Network by staking $METR and start earning rewards. Validators play a crucial role in securing and facilitating transactions on the Metria PoS network. Node operators on the Metria Network will be handling randomly assigned shards to process transactions.
Apply here to join the Metria Ecosystem as a Node Operator
Decentralized Cloud
The Metria Protocol is tailor made to support DeFi
and NFT applications. As a completely decentralized ecosystem,
Metria readily supports IPFS. Projects utilising Metria to build their
dApps can easily store and manage their data on decentralized
cloud offered by the well-known storage protocol.

Join the M-Launchpad to Build on Metria Blockchain

Join the M-Launchpad to Build on Metria Blockchain