The M-Launchpad

Building something on blockchain? 

Become a part of the Metria Launchpad to create elements that are unique and add value to the ecosystem

Advantages of M-Launchpad

Metria will be a multichain blockchain with its NFT & DeFi market
Support and Guidance from Industry experts

Leverage our experience and expertise as we provide you with
the right direction towards your goal. 

Project Grants 

With expert discretion, we assess your projects fully to decide if it is worthy of a grant. 

Token Listing and IDO on Metria DEX

More cost-effective token sales and
listing model with quick liquidity on
the IDO.

Access to a pool of early adopters

Revel in the success of some of the earliest investors and
while also investing in strategy.

Healthy liquidity levels from day 1 and a lot more 

Experience market stability and fewer price fluctuations with the M-Launchpad.

Participate in the revolution. Join the M-Launchpad and to create more on the Metria Blockchain