Our Mission

To create a truly unified, scalable and affordable decentralized infrastructure for new-age DeFi and NFT applications

Encouraging financial empowerment of every individual by ensuring unrestricted, affordable access to reliable financial products and services

Metria Network has been poised to challenge the existing fast blockchain which claims to establish very high transaction speed and throughput but they compromise on the most important aspect of blockchain, i.e. decentralization. Metria, through its efficient core team has been working on a specific consensus mechanism known as Polysharding which will not only increase the transaction throughput, composability and interoperability of blockchain but also keep the decentralization intact.

Our vision

To provide every individual with unrestricted access to the latest in innovation while also enabling affordability, and financial independence

We believe that everyone should have equal access to opportunities, irrespective of their region, beliefs, or economic stature. While DeFi as a concept has displayed potential to transcend socio-economic and geopolitical barriers, it hasn’t yet turned into a reality as there are several challenges to overcome in this relatively new technology.

As change makers, we envision ourselves as a significant contributor to a collective, on-going community effort that will turn a remotely possible concept into reality through continuous incremental innovations and ideas.

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Our Team

Some of the Core Strengths of the Metria Ecosystem

We are a group of crypto enthusiasts with years of experience in technology and financial domains. After having witnessed perennial issues surrounding liquidity, scalability and high fee.

With Metria, we are aiming to remove the barriers that exist between Blockchains, affecting free movement of liquidity across the ecosystem, irrespective of the protocol.

We are also working on making it easier for the developers to adopt Metria, so that they can create robust DeFi and NFT solutions and pass on the benefit to the entire crypto community.

Sarthak Shah
Chief Innovation Officer
Ralfs Batarags
Lawrence Hutson
Strategic Advisor
Marketing team
Mark Virgilio
Marketing Manager
Ken Berdz
Marketing Advisor
Kish Morales
Community Manager Advisor